How to Pleasure a Woman in Bed

Hi I’m Randy Rochester. You might know me from my articles at various MensHealth Magazine’s or my best-seller books about how to pleasure a woman in bed, to how to last longer in bed and how to eliminate sexual anxieties to getting more sexual confidence.

Picture of passionate naked woman on her bed

Today, I would like to show you exactly what to do in bed to give any woman (whether that be your wife, girlfriend or a casual lover), The most powerful orgasms of her life.

Orgasms so intense that they cause her whole body to shake with pleasure and force her to uncontrollably yell your name out loud, and orgasms so satisfying that, after experiencing them, she’ll come back everyday, begging for more sex from you, because sex with you gives her so much joy.

Now I’m very excited to be making this website for you because I’m going to be sharing some truly cutting-edge discoveries in the science of Female Pleasure and, I’m excited because I know how much of a difference “Learning how to truly satisfy a woman” can make.

Based on my own experience and the feedback I’ve got from many other men who I’ve taught this.

What I’ve got to share with you has the power to:

  • Turn around a relationship that’s failing because of a poor sex life.
  • Get any woman you sleep with to come back begging for more. (Even if that’s a wife or girlfriend who currently has virtually no interest in sex)
  • Eliminate multiple anxieties and fears around sex and help you quickly uncover a new level of sexual confidence, making you feel unstoppable with any woman. (And if you’re single, you’ll start to notice a huge difference in how women respond to you because of this)
  • Cause the woman you’re with, to forget about all her past lovers and never want to cheat on you, because you fulfill all of her sexual and emotional needs.
  • If you want it to, this can turn you into a raging stallion in the bedroom who’s reputation will spread like a virus among your friends and peer group. (which again, is very helpful if you’re looking to date more women.

Of course, what I’ve got to share isn’t just what works for me personally and many other students of mine.

It Works For Any Man… Including You. That’s even if:

  • You think your size is holding you back
  • You can’t last very long
  • You can’t stay hard for very long
  • Your lover seems disinterested in sex
  • You’ve never had much luck in bed in the past
  • You don’t consider yourself to be a “Ladies’ Man” or naturally gifted in bed

I’ll actually prove this to you very shortly through both the feedback from other men who have used my methods successfully and through the techniques and approaches that I’m going to share.

Including my: 4 Step Process’ for delivering Explosive Multiple Orgasms and a powerful Sex Position that stimulates both the Clitoris and G-Spot at the same time.

Now before I get into what I discovered on how to truly satisfy a woman, let me quickly explain who I am and why you should listen to me.

Like I’ve already alluded to, I’m someone who teaches other men sex advice for a living.Happy couple in bed smiling

Ultimately what I do is helping men make transformations in the bedroom and in their relationships or dating life that often they wouldn’t previously have thought was even possible for them.

During my career, I discovered the precise techniques, strategies and key understandings of female psychology and over the past few years I’ve shared my advice with literally 100.000’s of people through my articles, books and newsletters.

And I’m so grateful to do what I do because in response, I’ve received incredible success stories and many, many thank you’s from all the men I’ve help.

So, What are these breakthrough insights that I discovered? Well, the first thing I discovered, which was the very reason I was sent on my journey of learning, is that:

Us men are not naturally born with the ability to know when a woman is really satisfied.

If you ask group of guys if they think they can satisfy their lover, it’s practically guaranteed that something like over 90% of men will say “Yes”, because most men “think” they know what it takes to satisfy a woman.

But interestingly, if you then go and ask their partners “Are you satisfied?”, you’ll often get a totally different response.

To prove it, the best-selling author Naura Hayden actually went out and interviewed 100’s of different women anonymously about their sex life.

When I read her findings it blew my mind!

She found that:

As much as 89% of women fake their orgasms most of, if not every time they have sex.

Think about that for a second:

If 89% of women are regularly faking their orgasms, but most guys “think” they’re satisfying their lovers, then that pretty much proves that us men are naturally very bad at knowing if we’ve actually satisfied our lovers.

The real challenge is that most men don’t realize they’re screwing up until it’s too late,  so they get dumped, cheated on and end up alone.

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of thinking your lover’s satisfied, when in fact, she’s silently unfulfilled and possibly considering looking elsewhere.

Let me ask a few simple questions:

  • Have you ever experienced a woman you’re sexually interested in (whether that be your wife, girlfriend or a casual lover) consistently coming up with excuses of why you can’t have sex at the particular time you want it?
  • Have you experienced having a woman who used to be excited about having sex with you, no longer seem that interested at all?
  • Have you ever had a woman say “I just don’t enjoy sex that much” or “I just can’t orgasm through sex”?
  • Have you ever found yourself asking her for sex, instead of having her beg you for it?

If your answer was “yes” to any of the above, then unfortunately you’re showing signs that you may not yet be using the right techniques and approaches for deeply satisfying a woman.

Now this isn’t necessarily bad news. As long as you’re prepared to act now.

Before there are any serious long-term consequences like having the woman you’re interested in look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction.

So the question is then:

What do you have to do to have a woman experience the intense levels of pleasure that she’s silently yearning for?

Well there are actually 4 Steps I recommend men follow when wanting to transform their sex lives and give women toe-curling pleasure.

And I’d like to share them with you right now:

Step #1 – Forget everything you “think” you know about How to Pleasure a Woman in Bed.

Now I know that’s a bold statement but here’s why this is so important.

Everything you learn from your friends, men’s magazines and in porn is not what works for giving women unforgettable and white picture of a confused man

Why? Think for a second about what we’ve already discussed above. So far we know that us men are not naturally good at satisfying women in bed. In fact, just about every guy (89% to be specific) consistently fails to satisfy his lover.

So if you go to the same place where every other guy who sucks in bed is learning from, then the chances of you discovering what it really takes to please a woman are pretty low.

Therefore, if you’ve picked up any ideas, approaches or techniques from any of your friends, men magazines or porn. Forget about them.

In particular, forget about everything you see in porn when it comes to satisfying a woman.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against legal porn. I’m just saying that when it comes to satisfying a woman, it’s not a great learning tool.

And here’s why: Porn is designed for the viewing pleasure of men.

A scene from a porn shootHowever you see a woman reacting in a porn scene, don’t forget that she’s getting paid to look satisfied no matter what the guy does.

The male porn actor could be the worst lover ever, but she would still scream out loud and act incredibly satisfied, because that’s what she gets paid to do.

So don’t be misled by this.

Once you forget everything you “think” you know about satisfying women – It opens you up to discovering what REALLY works.

STEP #2 – Never underestimate the power of emotional stimulation when satisfying a woman

A huge mistake guys make in bed is assuming that what’s important to women is the same as what’s important to men.

For Example: How does a guy get turned on?

Most of the time all it takes is images of an attractive woman or some physical stimulation to the right places.

Young couple drinking wine and having fun

But how does a woman get turn on?

Well most guys approach it in a similar way. For example they try grabbing her breasts or her bum and expect her to get aroused as quickly as they do. But that isn’t exactly what turn a woman on. What turns a woman on is emotional stimulation.

In other words,

It’s the mood you set and emotions you trigger inside of her by how you act around her and how you touch her while leading up to sex.

So when you’re considering your approach for how to turn your lover on, make sure you focus on developing the mood through the things you say and do and the way you touch her because this will make a dramatic difference in how turned on she gets and therefore how intense she’ll orgasm.

STEP #3 – Combine powerful physical stimulation with emotional stimulation for explosive orgasms.

Now once you understand and begin applying the power of emotional stimulation, don’t forget to give her some incredible physical stimulation too!

Most men have one technique they use for trying to give a woman an orgasm: Fast Thrusting, when in fact, there are so much more. If you want to give her intense pleasure and the kind of sex that makes her addicted to you, Its going to take more than just fast thrusting.

So let me break down a position and technique you can start using tonight that will give her some intense physical stimulation:

dummies sex positionI call this technique and position the “Modified Missionary” position.

And the reason it works so well is because it stimulates both the clitoris and the G-Spot at the same time.

Now in case you don’t know, the clitoris and G-Spot are “high stimulation” points on a woman and when stimulated correctly and simultaneously can give her exceptionally pleasurable multiple orgasms.

The clitoris is found just above the entrance to the vagina and just underneath where the vagina lips meet at the top of the vagina and is about the size of a green pea.

The G-Spot is found about 3-5 inches inside and on the roof of the vagina and is about the size of a bean.

This sex position stimulates both simultaneously and the way it works is this:

Modified Missionary

  1. Start by placing your lover in the missionary position where she’s lying on her back and you’re on top facing her with your legs between hers.
  2. Then place a firm cushion underneath her bum so that it tilts her pelvis at an upward angle.
  3. Once she’s in this position, have sex as you normally would and focus rubbing her clitoris with your pelvis. While in this position her G-Spot will automatically be stimulated by your thrusting.
  4. Try this out few times while being sure to provide her with some powerful emotional stimulation and you’ll soon find a sweet spot that hits both the clitoris and G-Spot right to give her an exceptional powerful and unforgettable orgasm.

STEP #4 – Realize that the only thing stopping you from giving a woman incredible pleasure is the techniques and approaches you use

It doesn’t matter what your “Size” is, how long you last (Although I’ll provide a solution to this in a minute), what your confidence levels are, how you’ve performed in the past, how easily she orgasms or her attitude altogether.

couple kissing each otherBecause the correct techniques and approaches overcome all of this. When you realize exactly what triggers intense arousal, sexual attraction and multiple orgasm in a woman, all you need to do is repeat the things that trigger it and continue to repeat it as many times as you like.

This means that you are the one in full control and not any other limitation that you may previously have thought was holding you back.

So with all that said, how can you take everything that I’ve just shared to the point where you can consistently give any woman (whether that be your wife, girlfriend or a casual lover) such intense multiple orgasms and such satisfying sex that she’ll literally beg you for more?

Well, the answer is that there are a few more steps involved. These aren’t difficult steps, but they do have to be followed.

There are specific physical techniques to learn and there are powerful emotional stimulation strategies to learn as well. So, I’ve created a guide that walks through all of these steps in exact and specific detail.

It covers everything you need to know about how to pleasure a woman in bed and give her intense multiple orgasms almost every time you have sex.

The name of this guide is Orgasm Advisor.

orgasm advisor 3d cover art showing How to Pleasure a Woman in bedOrgasm Advisor is a downloadable guide and inside it, I reveal all the secrets for being able to give women intense multiple orgasms, destroy your sexual fears and anxieties, transform your sexual confidence and ultimately attract and keep the woman of your dreams.

This guide includes the most highly effective and fast-acting Strategies and techniques I’ve ever developed and come across. What you’ll learn is so powerful and advanced that:

  • You’ll be able to give any woman the most breath-taking orgasms she has ever experienced
  • You’ll get to turn around a relationship who’s passion is dead or where the woman seems completely disinterested in sex.
  • It’ll be possible to give a woman her first ever orgasm – no matter how sure she is that she can’t experience one or never has done before.
  • Your sexual confidence will become turbo-charged to the point where all your fears and anxieties disappear and you experience a previously unimaginable state of confidence around women…making you irresistible to the opposite sex.
  • You’ll be positioned in the eyes of your lover as the only one who could ever fulfill all her sexual needs and permanently eliminating her desire for other men or to end the relationship.

But before I tell you exactly what’s inside Orgasm Advisor, let me quickly share a small sample of what some others experienced with Orgasm Advisor:

Success story # 1:…was very informative. I was able to give my girlfriend her very first multiple orgasm, and I could definitely tell that she was not faking that one. She kept telling me to stop, she couldn’t take any more, but I guess I was a little bit into it and kept going for a minute or so, and she came again. I don’t think she’s quit shaking yet!!!” – Dave W., Atlanta, US

Success story # 2:“Randy, Orgasm Advisor has changed my life, it has make me look at life at a different angle, this had helped me a lot to understand more about the female sex and the mistakes I used to make. If any man who really wants to please his woman and feel good about himself, he must get this guide.” – Mark, St. Lucia

Success story # 3:“Thanks for your product, and this is just what I need to improve my sex life. This is the best book ever and Randy, thank you very much and Orgasm Advisor can help a lot of people who have problems with their sex life. By the way, now I have confidence and ready to rock girls world!” -j*********

Success story # 4:“… I want to say your guides were very helpful and I thank you for that, I’ve gotten a lot better at sex and foreplay… Your stuff has helped me a lot still, my sex life has improved and accelerated drastically and I get more oral returned to me”  -Adam G. Toronto, Canada

Success story # 5:“It is an outstanding course that has after only two weeks made my girlfriend want more sex! I love the subtle changes that I have been able to make to what I do to her that I have learned from Orgasm Advisor. I can tell she is very grateful for it. I was a bit skeptical at first but then I thought what is the price on a sex life that can make your relationship wonderful. It has brought both of us so much closer together!  – Ted, Manchester, The UK

So, What Exactly Does Orgasm Advisor Involve?

Well, overall you’re going to be getting all the great things I’ve already discussed including the specific techniques and strategies necessary to give any woman intense multiple orgasms and exceptional satisfaction in bed.

Now to get more specific, here are some of the concepts you’ll learn inside.

The 9 different types of orgasm a woman can experience and the precise “triggers” to make each one of them happen with ease.

Each of these orgasms are exceptionally pleasurable to women and range from simple orgasms like the clitoral orgasm, to the lesser know like the anal orgasm, to the more advanced orgasms like the perpetual orgasm which lasts up to 20 minutes and will often leave her struggling to walk straight afterwards.

Any guy can learn to trigger any of these orgasms and I provide such detailed instructions so that even someone who considers themselves a “novice” or less than average in size “down there” can be using these techniques within hours of learning them.

Step by step instructions of how to get a woman to orgasm if she has trouble having orgasms or has never had orgasms before in her life.

Most men (and women) give up after struggling with this for a while, but I’ll show you exactly how to overcome this challenge.

The specific indicators that a woman gives off when she’s faking an orgasm so you don’t fall for it life almost every other guy does. (Remember, one study showed that as much as 89% of women fake their orgasms most of, if not every time they have sex).

Plus, exactly how to handle this situation so you don’t make things worse and how to maximize your chance of giving her an orgasm the next time you have sex.

Secrets of sexual persuasion… Meaning how to get her to experiment more in bed and love the process. This will give you the power to have even the shyest of women try things that would make her mother gasp!

From oral sex to anal sex, to threesomes. Don’t attempt to try to convince your lover of any of them until you know this.

Now as an important side-note: this is the art of getting her to want to do it, and not forcing her against her will. It should only be used with 100% ethical intentions and purely as a way to enhance her enjoyment of sex.

5 advanced level orgasms that few men (and women) are even aware of… And the blueprint of how to make each of them happen.

Included in this section you’ll find instructions on how to cause squirting orgasms that will literally soak your bed in cum.

Be prepared to change your sheets and even air out your mattress after use!

How to shorten her orgasm time by using a concept I call “Sexual Teasing”.

This by the way is an incredible approach to use if you currently don’t last long in bed and want to be sure she orgasms before you do. If done correctly this technique can cause her to literally quiver in anticipation for sex so badly that sometimes she’ll even orgasm within seconds of when you enter her.

You’ll also gonna learn what to do to unlock your passion, dominance and confidence in bedroom.

Even if you’ve always been “sky” and have never felt very confident in bed or around women, I share exactly how to make this shift and how to do it in a way that is authentic, looks natural and doesn’t cause you to come across weird.

This is a very important part of the guide because some women find this an incredible turn on and it’ll make getting her to orgasm so much easier. Plus, if you’re single, it will dramatically boost your attractiveness to women too.

Inside I will also share 5 highly potent emotional simulators.

Emotional stimulation is a crucial element of giving her intense sexual pleasure and I share my 5 personal secrets for pushing a woman’s deepest emotional hot-buttons so she’ll orgasm with extreme intensity and be much more satisfied by sex too.

How to cause explosive G-Spot orgasms, including 4 sex positions that automatically stimulate the G-Spot.

We’ve already discussed the G-Spot is an incredibly powerful pleasure point in a woman and what you’ll learn here will get her to love having sex with you. You will all the information you need about g-spot stimulation.

Orgasm Advisor, also includes:

  • The only 3 oral sex techniques you need to know for giving a woman toe-curling orgasms and she’ll no doubt be want to become your personal sex slave after experiencing such breath-taking pleasure.
  • The simple and immediate appearance changes to make that could otherwise right now be stopping you from attracting a woman and getting her to want sex.
  • A look behind closed doors into what women really think when it comes to sex, penis size, premature ejaculation and staying hard.
  • How to become a master of foreplay, including a detailed road map of the female pleasure zones and exactly which parts to touch and when for maximum arousal.
  • The secret behind long-term sexual passion.
  • What to do to keep her interested in you in the long-term to avoid her cheating or wanting to leave. Plus how to revive the passion and her desire for sex if it’s already fading or completely disappeared.
  • and of course you’re going to get much, much more.

You can be learning everything I’ve just mentioned within minutes

As soon as tonight, you could be using all these techniques, strategies and approaches to give the woman you’re with orgasms so intense she’ll likely become sexually addicted to you.

This is because Orgasm Advisor is a downloadable guide which means no waiting around for something to be shipped to you.

Full instructions of how to view the guide are on the download page and you can always print it off and read a hard copy if you like. Either way within minutes you can access Orgasm Advisor.

And if you order while the promotion offers still up, I’ll give you a total of 4 special bonus guides, all together worth a total of $116, completely for FREE!

3d book cover art of long lasting sex formulaFree Bonus #1: Long Lasting Sex Formula

There are few things in the world more embarrassing than premature ejaculation and although it is possible to satisfy a woman without lasting long, being able to last for as long as you want opens up a whole new world of pleasure for both you and her.

And in this bonus guide worth $29, I’ll show you my proven 6 step formula of techniques and changes to make before and during sex that can help any man last significantly longer in bed.


avoid sexual rejection guide 3d artFree Bonus #2: Avoid Sexual Rejection

If you’ve ever been really attracted to a woman or just really in the mood for sex, but when you go to make the move she slaps you with the cold hard shoulder… Then you know the pain of sexual rejection.

By tapping in the female psychology and some little known persuasion techniques, this bonus guide, woth $29, will show you a totally unique approach to initiating sex so you never get rejected again.


3d image of female orgasm rapid fire guideFree Bonus #3: Female Orgasm Rapid Fire

This guide contains 7 emergency strategies and techniques which you can use the very next time you have sex to give your woman breath-taking intense orgasms.

The whole point of this bonus guide, worth $29, is to dramatically accelerate your progress and get you seeing improvements in your love making skills so fast and dramatic that your woman will feel like she’s having sex with a whole new person.


3d image of multiple orgasms for menFree Bonus #4: Multiple Orgasms for Men

If you thought that multiple orgasms were just for women then think again. In a few simple steps any man can train himself to experience multiple orgasms.

In this bonus guide, worth $19, I’ll show you the exact steps needed to train yourself to experience multiple orgasms during sex so you can orgasm multiple times without losing your erection. Now only does this mean more pleasure for you, but it also means you can last a whole lot longer in bed too.


Altogether you’ll get a step by step road map and proven system to giving any woman intense multiple orgasms, getting her to love having sex with you and forget about all other men.

And in case you haven’t realized: These changes are permanent. These aren’t some fancy tricks a woman will only enjoy once.

What you’ll learn in Orgasm Advisor, you’ll be using for the rest of your life.

So how much is a lifetime of incredible sex, confidence, passion, certainty in your ability to attract and keep a beautiful woman and the ability to every night rock her world in bed worth to you?

Well, as someone considered an expert in the sex advice field, I could go crazy and charge ridiculous amounts for this information.

You may even have heard of sex therapists who charge in the $1000’s for coaching in this area, but probably don’t even know of half of what I teach in Orgasm Advisor.

Well fortunately I’m not going to charge you in the $1,000’s for access to Orgasm Advisor.

But the lifetime skills you’re going to learn inside + All the time, research and testing I’ve put into creating this guide doesn’t place its value at at least $99 and if you look at it, the program altogether:

Orgasm Advisor Program Value

Orgasm Advisor…………………………$99.00
The long lasting sex formula…………$39.00
Stop sexual rejection……………………$29.00
Female orgasm fast track………………$29.00
Multiple orgasms for men………………$19.00
TOTAL VALUE                                    $215.00
But I’m not going to charge $215 and will not charge $150 I will not even charge $100

If you invest in Orgasm Advisor today while this website is still up

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So you’ve got to ask yourself: “is a lifetime of incredible sex worth more to me than a couple of DVDs?

If it is then Orgasm Advisor is right for you.

To summarize, when you order today, you’ll get:

  1. Orgasm Advisor
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These guides are all you need to know to how to pleasure a woman in bed. For only $27!

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money back guaranteeRemember, this is a one-time investment of only $27 (less than the price of a couple of DVDs!). And in return you’ll discover how to give any woman intense multiple orgasms, get her to beg for more sex from you, last longer in bed, experience multiple male orgasms and completely stop sexual rejection and all completely risk-free.

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